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Our blog provides information about gaming trends, equipment, and more. For both pros and newbies, we have a plethora of informative articles that capture the heart of this intriguing game. Here at The Lacrosse Zone, the action never stops and the love for the game is palpable! Whether you’ve played lacrosse or not, we aim to provide value and knowledge to all.

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Lacrosse equipment is crucial. Everything from your lacrosse stick to your cleats affects your performance on the field. Yet, choosing the right gear might be difficult with so many possibilities. Our blog provides all the information you need to choose the best protective equipment. From the latest lacrosse stick technology used in major league lacrosse to the toughest protective gear for lacrosse goalies, our gear experts will assist you in reviewing or finding the right piece of equipment. We have insider insights, product reviews, and in-depth lacrosse equipment analyses for both beginners and pros alike. With our complete lacrosse equipment guide, you can level up your game!

We pride ourselves on including information on all types of lacrosse leagues- including box lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, youth lacrosse, and of course the Premier Lacrosse League, which is the highest level of competition in the United States. Every professional lacrosse player has to start somewhere however, and that is where we come in. Whether you need to know the perfect set of rib pads to stop a lacrosse ball or a beefy set of shoulder pads in order to mitigate against stick checking, we have the guide for you.


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Lax Life

Lacrosse is a lifestyle. Lacrosse shapes many players’ daily lives, social lives, and identities. Lacrosse requires dedication beyond the sport, from early-morning training to late-night games. Yet, lacrosse players reap huge benefits. This blog will investigate lacrosse culture, from rituals and traditions to beliefs and attitudes. We’ll discuss how lacrosse affects your life on and off the field, and how players may use the game’s lessons to succeed in their personal live. Join us as we discover lacrosse culture, whether you’re a player or just curious.

What is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is an exciting team sport that originated in Canada by the Native Americans of history. Players use sticks to pass, catch, and shoot a rubber ball into the goal. The game requires agility, smarts, speed, and strategy. With its ever-growing popularity in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, this fast-paced and evolving game shows no signs of slowing down. Join us as we guide lacrosse players from all over the world in bettering their game.

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Lacrosse is thrilling and involves skill, athleticism, and strategy. Lacrosse involves complex contact, possession, and team tactics regulations. Being a good player and fan requires knowing these guidelines. In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the nuances of lacrosse gameplay, exploring everything from the basics of the game to advanced techniques and strategies. Lacrosse has no limits, and by reading our blog, neither will your understanding of the game.

The fundamentals of lacrosse might be perplexing at times. We’ll go through the basics of lacrosse so you can make sure to maximize your potential on your lacrosse team, no matter what position you play. You will learn what a face off is, strategies on the defensive side of the field, how your three attackmen can create shot opportunities on the offensive half, and more! Our blog will provide you with an in-depth look into lacrosse rules, techniques, and skills. We guarantee that with our lacrosse tips and tricks, you’ll be playing like an expert in no time. The Lacrosse Zone is intended to provide you with the best lacrosse instruction possible, from basic stick handling and passing activities to advanced tactics. Whether you are just investigating the possibility of playing lacrosse or whether you are a lacrosse coach trying to find practice regimens for your team, we guarantee that we have something for you.

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